United Services for Lent and Easter

holy week

The Prayers of Jesus

A Lent course exploring the prayers of Jesus as we go through this course we hope we too will grow in faith, hope and love.

Two groups will meet weekly

Tuesdays 10.30 am and Thursdays 7.30 pm both in the Methodist Centre

Lent Meditations
Mondays  9.30 am at the Parish Church


Ash Wednesday

Holy Communion at the Parish Church 7.30


7:30 pm at the Methodist Centre

Communion of the Last Supper

Access: MEETING ID: 876 3980 3009  Passcode LCGOOD FRIDAY 

                                                                             10.15 am Reflection on the Market Square

11.00 am Worship at the Methodist Centre

7.30 pm 'In the Shadows and the Silence' at the Methodist Centre


10.30 am All Age Communion at the Methodist Centre

Click here to download a ppt version of the 'Gift of Easter' Booklet from the Methodist Church