Prayer is an important part of our life here at Bingham.

A prayer taken from the Methodist Website for Ukraine

Loving God, your Son Jesus Christ, wept over Jerusalem. Today, we weep over Ukraine.
We weep for those uprooted from their homes and lives. We weep for those cowering in basements.
We weep for those who have witnessed death and destruction on their streets.
We weep for those separated from parents, from children, from spouses and siblings.
We are amazed at the resilience of people seeking to comfort those in need and so we pray for Governments opening up borders so that Ukrainians can have safe passage.
We pray for churches and individuals providing food, clothing and shelter.
We pray for medical workers ensuring that shattered bodies are put back together again.
We pray for ordinary Russians demonstrating and voicing their disapproval of the military actions in Ukraine.
May the Holy Spirit give us the willpower to turn our tears into action also.
May we, through our words, prayers and example pursue the things that make for a just peace in the world today and especially in Ukraine.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray.  Amen 

'Knit one Pray one' - a group of ladies have been led to start knitting prayer shawls for those who are in need of our prayers.

If you have a particular need and would like prayers offered for you or your family you could e mail our minister
Rev Martin Smithson or there is a prayer box on the table in the atrium at church which Martin opens regularly.

PRAYER BUBBLE on Zoom Every Wednesday @ 9:15 am

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