Ways to worship at home

Ways to Connect & Worship   Use the weekly worship resource - click the link Weekly Worship Resource

Telephone & Text
~ arrange a time each day or week to phone a chapel friend; have a good chat and then pray with one-another. This may feel a little odd & awkward at first if this is new to you so here’s a simple blessing you could share...
‘Dear Lord, please keep us company in these days. May we know the blessing of Your peace beyond our own understanding, the assurance of Your loving presence and a strength greater than our own. In the Name of Jesus, who calls us friend, we pray. Amen’
~ send a text to a chapel friend with an encouraging Bible verse.
~ use FaceTime or Skype to have an on-screen face to face conversation with someone. It’s always lovely to see a smiling face.

Ways to create a moment of devotion at home, daily or once a week
Light a candle and be still. In the quietness accept that God is with you. 
*Sing a favourite hymn or a few remembered lines of a worship song. Or listen to a piece of music either on a CD, a download or via Spotify.
Pray for your family, friends & the wider world.
Read a passage of Scripture (I suggest reading slowly through Luke’s gospel, just a few verses or a chapter at a time)
Think or make notes of any thoughts, ideas or images that come to mind from the reading.
Thank God for his presence with you.
Phone a friend and chat together about your thinking and discuss any questions you may have.

 Radio & Television
There are daily Pause for Thought reflections on both Radio 4 and Radio 2. Also, Radio 4 offers a Daily Service every weekday morning at 9.45am on LW and Sunday Worship on Radio 4. And Songs of Praise is on BBC1 every Sunday afternoon. 

A worship sheet for a service at home can be found each week on the Methodist Church website: www.methodist.org.uk
Wesley’s Chapel in London offers live-stream worship.
Wednesday 12:45
Thursday 12:45
Sunday 9:45 and 11:00.
All these services will be available at: www.youtube.com/channel/UCUAUqhmhevz5sqhh72LIMxA

Social Media
Staying connected via Facebook is a very helpful way to communicate, network and worship during these days of isolation. There are many excellent Facebook communities offering excellent worship opportunities and resources. Here are a few  recommendations...
Singing The Faith Plus
The Methodist Church
The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference
The Iona Community

There are a number of prayer and devotional Apps available on your phone or tablet.
Here are some suggestions...
Methodist Church in Britain
Daily Prayer from the Church of England
Book of Common Prayer